Announcement: Starting Grad School and Fiction Projects and What It Means for You!

by tigermanifesto


Greetings, readers. This past week marked the beginning of my graduate school career. I’ve begun my history classwork for my MA, and will be doing my major research paper on East Asian regional history as planned. All of the reading and preparation I’ve done over the past year and, especially, in the summer, should start paying off soon. Hidden somewhere, deeper still, is a fiction project I’ve been working on for awhile that will soon have a public presence of some kind.

However, this means that my ability to post articles and review on time, inconsistent now, will only worsen over time. In order to get around this, I will be restructuring the schedule. Basically, instead of promising three posts per week that I will never complete, I will have a staggered schedule with regular features and writing book reviews as I finish suitable books.

For now, this is the plan: a two-week rotation. Book reviews will appear when I have a book to review, and there might be special posts once in awhile.

Week A:

Wednesday: A Hundred Thousand Names entry

Saturday: Very short commentary (~350 words) on some matter of interest to me

Week B:

Wednesday: Cultural article for series TBA (probably focusing on the career of another animator or artist

We’ll give this a short and alter it as needed. I hope all is well with my readership and that we can all enjoy this blog for the foreseeable future. It’s taken on so many guises at this point it’s hard to believe it’s the same one I started all those years ago.