Sunday Book Review Schedule: July/August 2016

by tigermanifesto

Sunday Book Reviews.png

Thanks to everyone who read through and chatted with me about the Don Bluth feature series. It’s time to get back to regular blog business, though, and that means putting out another book review timeline for everyone to salivate over. Every Sunday from now until the end of August, I’ll be reviewing a book as per usual. My current idea of a schedule is reproduced below, but I’m open to taking suggestions from readers about what I should read.

  • July 24: Nationalism and Gender by Chizuko Ueno
  • July 31: Anime: A History by Jonathan Clements
  • August 7: Japan’s New Imperialism by Rob Steven
  • August 14: Cultural Nationalism in Contemporary Japan by Kosaku Yoshino
  • August 21: The Political Economy of Japanese Society edited by Junji Banno
  • August 28: Marxism and the Crisis of Development in Prewar Japan by GA Hoston

Obviously, my study work continues to centre around Japan and its economic and cultural history and political context. Again, if there’s a book a reader wants me to dive into I would invite suggestions in the comments. I better get to reading now, so I can get these out in a timely fashion!