White Fear of Savage Reprisal in the Course of Decolonization

by tigermanifesto

While I’m taking a break from culture writing after finishing the Bakshi Retrospective, I wanted to point my readers to something much more important! We can scoff and say we’re so much better than the target of this critique, but I certainly need to take stock of my own backwards attitudes on indigenous liberation.

Maehkōn Ahpēhtesewen

After a bit of back and forth with myself on whether or not it was worth it to respond to this article by Ross Wolfe, in which a bumbling, academic attempt is made to paint my Decolonization is not a Metaphor as the height of absurdity, i have decided to jot down a few words. The article by Wolfe, for all of its demonstrable euro-chauvinist flaws does provide us with a nice teachable moment (indeed it is this property that helps provide the pedagogical tools here) because the article helps to demonstrate two particular points that i have been making for some time, on this blog and out in the real world. The first is one that has its antecedants going back at least as far as the thought of el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz, who discussed “the white man’s guilty conscience.” The second simply arises from direct experience and the…

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