The Mission

by tigermanifesto

Partner blog also posted something about this film today. It takes a differing perspective though, so both are worth reading. Couldn’t recommend Critical Hit!! highly enough.

Critical Hit!!

Part of a series on the films of Jeremy Irons

The Mission (1986) was a project well suited to Jeremy Irons’ preference towards prestige pictures. Headed by a near all star cast (Jeremy Irons, Robert DeNiro, babyfaced Liam Neeson) and crew (score by Ennio Morricone, directed by Roland Joffé), the film won both the Palme d’Or and the Technical Grand Prize and the Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately, the film’s quality is only surface deep.

Where to begin dissecting this film? Perhaps we shall start with the plot, or rather, the lack of one. This film is a historical adaptation of real events in 18th century South America, as Jesuits try to establish missions and convert natives while brushing up against colonialist slave trading. Jeremy Irons plays Father Gabriel, a Jesuit who establishes contact with the native Guaraní group. He does this with music, or course, which begins the films didactic footnote that “music…

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