Boycott the Capitalist Election! Fight for People’s Power!

by tigermanifesto

I wanted to put my unaffiliated opinion out there. I support the election boycott and hope that it provides an opportunity to get more politically active in the real world and start to reach out to the local area I live in. The electoral process is a losing proposition for the left and, more importantly, for the dispossessed and exploited. Don’t think politics can be reduced to a ballot box.

Boycott Elections

Call from the Revolutionary Communist Party:

With an early declaration of an election campaign by the Harper government, we find ourselves at the beginning of a 78-day campaign period in the lead-up to the October 19 federal election. In fact, before it was even officially called, the parties vying to administer the capitalist state had already been campaigning for several weeks. Their hope may be that, with such a long campaign, they will convince us that this election is a “special moment in Canadian democracy.” For most of us, though, it’s a waste of time!

One after the other, the competing parties will parade themselves around promising to do something for us—the working class, indigenous, women, youth, etc.; they will have sugary sweets for everyone! Some will even present themselves as a “workers’ party,” one of “everyday Canadians” or “hard-working families!” Above all, they will emphatically remind us that we…

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