Red December Greetings From Tiger Manifesto

by tigermanifesto

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2014 marked another triumphant year for capital, and another year in the decomposition of its rotten national and international rule. Its stench is enough to corrupt even the muffled air of the North American winter. Even as capitalism continues to demonstrate its abject inability to provide a good life for more than a fraction of the world’s people––those being the capitalists and their hangers-on in countries North and South––the forces of the Left have only a few bright, red spots to celebrate this December. In India, comrades in the CPI (Maoist) continue to resist the forces of dispossession and accumulation in the forests and fields of the eastern states. Scattered attempts to divide the capitalist surplus among a larger population continue apace in South America, even if governed by the national bourgeoisie and a reliance on ephemeral oil wealth.

In Europe and North America, the right wing is ascendant, organizing huge racist marches against Muslims in Germany and big poll wins for fascist parties throughout the continent. Social democracy, the creamy foam in the imperialist sewer, evaporates in turn, leaving even the comparably privileged workers of the First World with a lower quality of life. Capitalism must go. Capitalism must be pushed out. Only the power of the democratic masses can accomplish this.

I want to thank all the comrades who helped me in the writing and publishing of this blog, as well as for their encouragement and precious criticism. This blog has little importance in the overall scheme, but I hope it manages to host some worthwhile contributions. Red Greetings to everyone united in the pursuit of struggle, the struggle for true freedom and true democracy throughout the whole world! Here’s to a red new year.

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