Some Thoughts on the Death of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

by tigermanifesto

Wonderful tribute by my comrade at Hello.Lenin! I need to read more of Marquez’s work, clearly.

Bombard the Headquarters!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez with Fidel Castro. Gabriel Garcia Marquez with Fidel Castro.

I was reading the final pages of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Of Love and Other Demons when I learned the news of his death.

In this brief novel of just over a hundred pages we meet the daughter of a plantation owner. Growing up with the black and mulatto slaves in his father’s mansion, she acquires their culture and is promptly sent to a convent for exorcism shortly after she is bitten by a dog with rabies.

On the other side we meet a priest assigned to exorcise the girl but instead fall madly in love with her. He immediately sees through the farce of demonic possession as a code for the possession of a lower class culture incomprehensible to the guardians of spiritual order and private property.

Of Love and Other Demons is, as usual, a very beautiful book, a testament to Marquez’s conviction…

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