One-Year Plan: 2014 in Reading

by tigermanifesto


Lately, I have been spending more of my time reading books than listening to music or watching films, but one would never know it from this blog. One of the mistakes I think I have made in managing The Tiger Manifesto is that I’ve neglected to write much about the reading I’ve been doing. Book reviews tend to be slightly more intensive exercises than film or music reviews because of their length, but because I don’t find laziness to be an acceptable excuse, I plan to publish much more on books in the future.

The following is an aspirational list of the books I would like to read this year. Most if not all of them are easily accessible at either local libraries or in my own possession, so my goals are manageable. I love books and spend as much time in them as I can, which hones my writing talent as well as my critical senses. With that, the list:

  1. Lenin: Selected Works, Vol. 1
  2. Mao Zedong: Selected Works, Vol. 1
  3. Frederic Jameson: Postmodernism Or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism
  4. Georg Lukács: History and Class Consciousness
  5. Frantz Fanon: The Wretched of the Earth
  6. Shushaku Endo: Silence
  7. Pablo Neruda: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair
  8. Haruki Murakami: Kafka on the Shore
  9. Karl Marx: Capital, Vol. 1
  10. Anatoly Lunacharsky: Anything I can get my hands on in English
  11. Stuart J Dowsey, Frederick Lorenzino, Fukushima Kikujiro: Zengakuren: Japan’s Revolutionary Students
  12. Domenico Losurdo: Liberalism: A Counter-History
  13. Yukio Mishima: Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea
  14. Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer: Dialectic of Enlightenment

I’ll be doing more than just enjoying these texts of course: expect me to be using this blog to critically digest them and air some of my own views in public. This blog has been gradually growing in popularity–very gradually–and I want to attract some vocal criticism of what I publish so that I can learn to wrangle and negotiate, retreat and advance, and grow as both a writer and an intellectual. This is but a preview of what is to come, and I am coming into this new year with Lenin’s famous pronouncement in mind:

“With all my heart I wish that in the new year we shall all commit fewer stupidities than in the old.”


Thanks to fellow Red blogger Karlo Mongaya for the inspiration to create this list. Pay him a visit; he’s far more advanced than I am in regard to political matters.