Her and Expectations

by tigermanifesto


Multiple films sites, including some of the most eminent ones like The Dissolve, and critics have placed Spike Jonze’s Her as their best film of the year. Since I’m a tiger who likes to keep up with the critical consensus and read film criticism about a film before and after seeing it, this has generated something of a social conundrum. You see: I have absolutely no interest in seeing Her despite it coming from a director whose work I’ve admired in the past (especially Where the Wild Things Are) and featuring an overall appealing cast. Weigh all that against the film’s subject matter, the fact that much of the score is instrumental Arcade Fire songs, and my general apathy for this kind of premise and low-key sci-fi story, on the other hand, and I really could not care less about seeing it in the near future. So we have the social pressure of an overwhelming critical praise–and the acclaim of friends–against my own preferences. I suppose a responsible film critic would have to give in to the obligation to cover what is going on in the culture, but I’m a wild animal and don’t feel much compunction. 

To see or not to see Her? I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, but not until the feverishness has passed. At least, I’ll wait until the end of awards season. I should probably get more distance from Reflektor before I venture into it as well.