New Header Image

by tigermanifesto

Not too long ago, this blog was meant as a tool in my work as a cultural discerner at Calvin College. Because I was the first tiger to ever shoulder this responsibility, I needed time to experiment and work out how to present this site both visually and in writing form. I hope to bring back the more frequent and well-developed narrative posts, since my life has become more eventful lately. At the same time, significant changes have occurred. I am no longer a cultural discerner and have lost all interest in what the college calls discernment. I have also grown politically and philosophically, absorbing a dizzying amount of reading and engaging in some more pointed writing than I previously produced.

For a long time, WordPress would not let me change the header. It was either the strange Dao Eye in the Forest or nothing. Now, however, I have updated the header image with the more suitably Marxist red star, hammer, and brush. So far, I think it’s working out fine.