Christian Kitsch Radar: Noah and Moses Films Coming in 2014

by tigermanifesto


The rare bearded Crowe.

It has been too long since I waded into the toxic plague swamp that is Christian kitsch (it’s simultaneously intoxicating and nauseating), but this tiger’s Christian Kitsch Radar is bleeping. Po-faced filmmaker Darren Aronofsky has produced one camp phenomenon in Black Swan, which I have yet to see, but there is something about the musclebound, sandal-footed Biblical epic that brings out the hyperbole in filmmakers. I’m hoping that Aronofsky’s colossal Noah adaptation ends up being either a brilliant formal triumph like The Fountain or an entertaining wreck. Either way, the film will end up on the blog; what’s unclear is whether it’ll be there as part of a film review or a kitsch takedown.

Oh, and Ridley Scott, fresh from the morass that was Prometheus, is returning to a Middle Eastern setting with his adaptation of the book of Exodus. Appropriately, it’s entitled Exodus. Moses is already well-trod territory for Hollywood, considering that it has produced both an oversized epic and an animated musical from that material. Still, stories of national liberation never get old in my book, so count me as interested, though Scott’s uneven directorial record leaves me feeling ambiguous about it. Of course, they’re both going to be triumphalist narratives promoting bourgeois individualism, but on this side of the revolution a tiger has have realistic standards if he’s going to keep his sense of humour.