Critical Surgery: PopMatters, Prog, and Genesis – A Music Review Dissection

by tigermanifesto

I’ve fallen ill this weekend, so I would like to direct my readers to this excellent smack down.

Critical Hit!!

In my old blog, I wrote about my qualms with PopMatters as a criticism site, and while going through my old writing, I feel I must revisit this issue with a sharper critical edge than what I previously had before. Last time I remained positive and recommended changes towards a more holistic method of music criticism. This time, I bring out the claws. I want to rectify this poor piece or criticism and analyze its rhetoric.

What follows is a microscopic dissection of an older review of a Genesis: 1976-1982 box set by a music reviewer of the site. What I find primarily deeply problematic is the author’s approach to prog rock, which is entirely uncharitable, among other comments that will arise as I go through the review. Not everything in this review is bad or inaccurate, and I won’t cover *everything* the author, Tim O’Neil, writes, but I will…

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