Short Post: Krazy Kat

by tigermanifesto


Krazy Kat created by George Herriman

In the hierarchy of artistic media, newspaper comic strips typically come in near the bottom, sandwiched between fanfiction and van art. Comic strips drag on their sorry lives for decades, entertaining aging readers with repackaged nostalgia and gags that have long been stripped free of their reason to exist. Yet Krazy Kat, the favoured comic strip of such illustrious creators as e.e. cummings and Calvin and Hobbes author Bill Watterson, shines as an enduring testament to the power of newspaper comics to inspire. Poetic and freeform, it worked around a rigid central template–cat loves mouse, mouse hates cat, dog loves cat and hates mouse–that helped germinate a million brilliantly weird ideas. I want to keep my commentary short. Seek out collections and as many strips as you can. Krazy Kat is a unique series, affecting and strange for felines and humans alike.