Series Preview: Purple Spring

by tigermanifesto

Intrepid readers, we are about to set sail on an ocean of violets! Put away your shame, strut like the world’s coming down around you and you just don’t care, and take a bubble bath with your pants on. This spring break from March 15, Old Alexius will be playing host to a whole series of retrospective album reviews. The featured artist?

No one in particular.

The week of March 17 through the 24th, I will be putting up a review of a Prince album every day. I’ll mostly be covering his more forward-looking 80s and early 90s work and give maybe one review of what he’s produced since.

Before that comes to pass, however, I’ll be using next week as a springboard into this experiment in daily posting. Next Wednesday and Friday there will be posts about my general fascination with Prince and the qualities of his music that we should be looking at, respectively.

It’s all terribly exciting, but we have a whole week to get through. Please return to your studies, work, or other fulfilling daily activity. Alexius out.