Short Post: “The Lady and the Tiger”

by evvyram

Wonder of wonders, I think I saw the hazy outline of the moon tonight. I ran out into the street, even though the hungry ghosts were stalking, their eyes all aflame with desire. I wanted to risk being eaten (only a bit of my tail lost) to see this magnificent sign. All of the ghosts were staring upward, creaking and quaking at this unfamiliar sight. If you’ve spent ten thousand years or more shuffling through the dust under a flat sky, well, the moon might be a bit much to handle at first.

We have a song to listen to today. There is an old story, probably taught in more human schools than tiger ones, about a Lady and a Tiger. Choose the former and you get to marry her, choose the latter and…Here’s where I get angry. Tigers aren’t killing machines! We’re living beings. If it were me in there, even if I were starved and desperate, I think I could refrain from eating him long enough to at least apologize. Now, that might not seem like much, but we’re talking about life and death here. A few more seconds is a few more seconds.

If you want a literary refresh on the story, this song is not the place to go. They Might Be Giants are more interested in mining hyperbolic comedy and desperation from their subjects. Laser vision and literature are more compatible than you might think. Combine the witty handling of the subject matter with a grabby beat and grumbling horn section and you have a song that treats tigers with proper respect.

I need to get out of this hell. Does anyone know if they could tunnel down here? What are the metaphysics here?