Justin Timberlake: Suit and Tie

by tigermanifesto

Unlike (most) other Mickey Mouse pop stars, Timberlake has earned a reputation as a genuine artist. I want to post this mainly to recognize his return but also to point readers to this article on NPR. Writer Ann Powers, who certainly knows far more than this hellbound tiger about pop music, commends the track for Timberlake’s agile vocals on “Suit & Tie.”

I can see the criticism that this song is not the sort of dynamic, in-your-face comeback it could have been, but I don’t mind all that much. The beat is relatively spare and the feel of the song is more spacious than most radio fodder these days. I can’t say I’m blown away by it, but I can see myself spending a lot more time with this song in preparation for Timberlake’s new album set to release this year.

Have a wonderful weekend, earth-dwellers! It’s gonna be another cold one.