Fictional Tigers: An Introduction

by tigermanifesto

For the next few Wednesdays, beginning with the next one, I will be discussing my impressions of what I have categorized as the major tigers of fiction. Our superior dignity and grace have made us tempting vessels for authors to use, both in poetry and in prose. Lions tend to grab more than their fair share of attention (what else is new) but there are still a few that have become generally known in the human community. I will be discussing a few aspects of each tiger:

  1. How they appropriate the virtues of tiger-kind to present a certain image. This includes physical aspects, voice, gender, behavior, etc. How does the creator of this artwork view tigers and the specific tiger in question?
  2. The tiger’s depiction as compared to my own impressions and what your scientists say about our species.
  3. What role the tiger plays within the fiction itself, and how he or she contributes to the overall narrative.

I’ll keep the names of the tigers concealed for now. Doubtless there are many examples leaping into those primate brains of yours, but keep your enthusiasm dampened until next week, when the first study will be published. In the meantime, please keep the peace and remember the paragon of artistic interpretation residing in the feline aether.

That is, send me care packages. I need more albums to review and the mail service is out again. Let that masked man know my requests. That is all.