Editor’s Note: About Chill Sessions

by tigermanifesto

Alexius is sleeping in this Friday–meaning he will be dormant for the entire day except in case of emergencies–so I will sneak behind his back and deliver this message to the 3rd van Reken floor people.

My tiger friend begged me not to make this announcement before the next harvest moon, so that all of you will be at your most celestially vulnerable. I questioned his wisdom, however. I believe that you must hear this news immediately. Though he is a great being  of unquestionable metaphysical power, his time is mainly spent sleeping off his boredom and consuming entertainment to pass the time. That leaves him precious little time to be wise, you see.

Van Rekenites of the third floor, I am here to introduce to you, one and all, a new series hosted by the Cultural Discerner himself. This series will be called Chill Sessions. Every other Friday night in van Reken 308 I will be hosting a meeting from 8:00 to 9:00-9:15, and that time is, yes, subject to change. This will begin on day known as September 21 on Earth.

During that time, I will open my room, my very soul, to you, and play chill music. Each session will have a certain musical theme, and I plan to use each one to develop a different skill in listening to music. Snacks and drinks will be provided as aural aids. I will provide lyric sheets if necessary, a sofa for people who can sit, and the very best in audio equipment. If you want to find out more, ask me, the human.

Here are some ideas for themes I’m hoping to tackle, in no particular order:

Sad Romance–Simple, catchy, and sad pop songs.¹

Dub[step]–What is it and where did it come from? Dancing will be allowed at this one, if you can find the space.²

Winter Snow–Songs that embrace the cold.³

Chill Jazz–An intro to jazz through the band Jaga Jazzist.⁴

Debate Class–What happens when we disagree with a song? Can you argue back?⁵

There is potential here for all kinds of fun disagreements as well as calm discussion. I will end this post by saying Godspeed You! van Reken, and I hope to see you darken my threshold.


1. Potential Artists: The Magnetic Fields, They Might Be Giants, Beirut, Kanye West

2. Potential Artists: Burial, Digital Mystikz, Skrillex, King Midas Sound

3. Potential Artists: Kate Bush, Steven Wilson, The Microphones, The Gothic Archies

4. Blah Blah: Jaga Jazzist

5. Blah Blah: Outkast, Madvillain, Frank Ocean