Editor’s Note: Migration and Notes on a Regular Schedule

by tigermanifesto

Your editor and tiger whisperer will be spending the next few days becoming acclimatized to college life again. As such, there will not be a post until Wednesday.

Wednesdays and Fridays will become the regular day for updates for the foreseeable future. This is subject to change because of schoolwork and writing two articles per week for the paper. For now, however, the plan will be thus:

Wednesday will be Cultural Artifact Day. I’ve contacted Alexius and he is fine with regulating his schedule this way. So, on Wednesdays, I’ll be posting a review or some opinion piece about a piece of culture, whatever it might be.

Fridays will be Narrative Days, when Alexius tells us about his week in tiger heaven and what’s been going on on his side of the astral vale. There may be some cultural musings, but the focus will largely be on Alexius himself.

I am excited to make this transition, and this will help me make the blog less chaotic. Thank you for bearing with me.